Shipping Policy

Shipping time and charges plays an important role when one is making decisions to order generic medicines online. Our online pharmacy helps you make this decision even faster. We brainstormed and designed this shipping policy exclusively for you. You can go through it before placing an order with us. It has listed down every possible query you might have with our shipment process and how it works. And if you are not satisfied with it or have any query regarding the same, you can always rely on our customer care team.

Our shipping policy is documented in the simplest language and it is easy to understand. It covers the shipment methods, charges and time taken for shipping. Generally, we ship via regular and express shipment. The charges for these methods vary. Regular shipment takes approximately 10 to 15 business days whereas express shipment takes around 5 to 7 business days. You also get information about discount offers and FREE shipment schemes whenever they are active.

Shipping policies should convey exact messages and information to customers. We are glad that our shipment policy clears doubt of customers through its information. We at understand how important it is to deliver medicines on time and thus we constantly strive to excel in our services and reduce the time period of shipping. We keep updating the information and thus we request our customers to visit our website periodically to stay updated. .

Time is crucial and we understand its importance when it comes to deliver medicines. You can trust us when it comes to express shipment. Periodically, we declare massive discounts at express shipment. The shipping policy displayed on the website is self-explanatory but if you stumbled upon at any point, feel free to get connected with our customer care team. We will be more than happy to help you.

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