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The website of is a colossal mass of information about various medicines being sold through the online portal. The information displayed on the website is purely for educational purpose. It should not be used by customers for self-diagnosis of their health issues. However, the information can be downloaded for personal use. Under specific situations permission can be granted for temporary download a copy of this information. This copy should be downloaded only for personal use and not for reposting or circulating it in other information portals. The copyright of the information is reserved to us. Violation of this rule is considered as a breach and proper action would be taken. Below are the rules that you need to follow while accessing the information displayed on the website.

  • You cannot use the information for any commercial usage. It is not to be circulated over the internet or within any public forum.
  • You cannot modify or reverse the information and circulate it over social media or public forums.
  • It is a punishable offense to remove copyright tags or trademark or any other identification marks from images, videos or information such as articles and blogs displayed on the website.
  • Transferring information to third parties without our permission is considered as a breach and we are liable to take proper action against it.
Above-mentioned actions can be done without any former notice. All, the rights are reserved with us and we can make changes without offering any explanation.

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