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We understand how important it is for online pharmacies to offer utmost protection against online threats. We not only promise but offer online protection that does not allow your information to get leaked to third party. We keep your information safe with us no matter what.

We, at, understand how important it is to have safe online environment for transactions or any online activity you get engaged into. We are proud to declare that our website is secured for online transactions. Our privacy policy gives details about how we safeguard our customers’ valuable information. We keep updating our security standards and mention about it in the policy from time to time. Thus we request our clients to go through the policy every time they visit our website.

We have secured our entire website with an advanced security system. This system captures the data fed by the customers. Data such as personal details, banking information and credit card details are captured by the system and it gets locked within. No third party can access this data. We use this data only after seeking permission from the customers. Email address and phone numbers are used for promoting new products and offers but it is done with the consent of a customer.

The security system is smart enough to safeguard your information. You need not to get worried about online threat as the system is capable of protecting your information from such online robbers. The data feed in gets stored within the system. As mentioned earlier, this data is used by us for sending promotional newsletters and mails regarding new discount offers and new drug arrivals. But it is done only after seeking approval from you. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time after having a word with our customer care team.

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