Look Flawless With Perfect Eye Makeup Step By Step

If you are a fashionista, it is imperative that you must know eye makeup perfectly. If you are wondering how to become perfect in applying eye makeup, take a look at the following easy steps. Learn to do eye makeup perfectly following the easy and simple steps.

Begin with eye primer
With the application of eye primer, a clear and smooth surface is created. It makes the surface ideal for applying eye make up. After the primer dries up, apply concealer. When this is the done, the eye shadow sticks better on the skin.

Start with basic neutral shades
If you are a beginner and want a natural or no makeup look, four basic neutral shades are what you need. A contour shade which should be 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone, you need highlighter that must be lighter than your complexion, black shade in matte and a mid-tone shade in matte. A facial highlighter can be used also.

Get the appropriate eye makeup brushes
When it comes to putting eye makeup perfectly, you need blending brush of two sizes, small and medium, small size flat eyeshadow brush for applying eyeshadow and you need a smudger.

Start applying the highlighter
Use the flat brush, glide through the lightest shade and apply on the inner corner of your eyes. Most of the eye makeup is used on the inner corner only. Always remember to remove makeup residue by tapping the brush before you apply.

Do eyebrows
Use water to wet the tip of your brush. Next, you need to slither it on your eyeshadow. Again apply on the inner corner of your eyes. After you are done with it, make use of the same color for highlighting your eyebrows, to be precise, the arch.

Apply eyeshadow
Take a blending brush, glide through the mid-tone shade, apply eyeshadow above your crease and begin from inner corners to outer corners.

Contour your eyes
Take the contour shade; start applying it from the outer corners by merging with the crease on the outer half of your eye. Remember not to blend too high. When it comes to mid-tone shade, it must be always higher than your contour shade.

Do your eyelashes
The makeup on the eyelid is done and now it’s to time move on to the bottom part of your eye. Mix up contour shade and the mid-tone shade to apply on the lash line on the bottom. Start the application from outer corner till it convenes the highlighter. You can buy Careprost online which well-known eyelash growth serum for your beautiful eyelashes,

Corners of eyes to be highlighted
To complete your look, apply matte black eye shadow on outer corner of your eyes. It will make your eyes appear flawless.

Volumize lashes
Volumizing the lashes won’t make you look pretty if the lashes are not curled. Then you need to apply mascara.

The final step
Your eye makeup gets complete with the application of eyeliner.
Now, you know how to have perfect eye makeup when you follow the above-mentioned steps. So, follow it and look at your best.