How to Build the Perfect Eye shadow Palette

Eye shadows are one of the makeup products that a girl can’t stay away from falling for. The bright creamy colours are powerful enough to even make one who dislikes makeup buy an eye shadow palette without thinking much.

But the concern is how to get shades that suit your personality? With a number of brands coming up with new eye shadow palettes every week, it seeks hard for one to buy and keep pace with each of them- after all god has given one face to each person.

But it can be tempting enough to make a collection of these new launches and if you find the price going out of your budget, worry not. There is a chance of building the perfect customised eye shadow palette for you.  Read more to explore the tricks.

Creating An Eye Shadow Palette Meeting Your Needs

If you are looking for tips to make a customised eye shadow palette for any of your dear friend or for you, here are two options you can adhere to.

Option 1- Depot the shadows you have in the palette already and go for mix and match

One of the most commonly followed method of creating a customised eye shadow palette is removing the actual shades available with the palette and mixing them with some other contrasting shades to create something new.

Such shades have been reported to attract a lot of girls, especially the teenagers who are fond of the funky shadows.

Option 2- Buy yourself a eye shadow palette according to your personality

If you dislike the first option, then this is one you can take up. Get yourself an eye shadow palette that has the shades meeting your personality and beauty regime. Today most of the brands have classified shades into different categories to ensure that the buyers get to find a palette according to their requirement.

You can either find them offline or place your order with the offline. The commonly available eye shadow palette choices with the shades are mentioned below as follow:

1.Neutral Palette

Also known as the ‘black jeans palette, it is one of the most commonly ordered palettes. It comes with shades like-

2.Smoky Palette

A trendy one, this palette has everything that you need right from the dark to the light shade. Shades available with it include:


  1. Warm Palette

Earthy warm tones are getting back and the right use of the shades available with this palette perfectly compliment your eyes. Take a Look at the shadows you will be getting with this range:



  1. Bright Palette


If you are looking for variety in your eye shadow palette, may be the pre-made eye shadow palette won’t satisfy you but this one will surely do. Here are the shades available in this palette type:


Concluding Words

Go ahead with a palette choice according to your makeup type and give your eyes the best look possible.

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