Enumerating The Signs And Symptoms Of Glaucoma

Eyes are an important and one of the most valued treasure that god has gifted you to enjoy viewing his creations. But with age, they too are subject to diseases and disorders with glaucoma being a common one.

Glaucoma is known as a progressive disease that tends to cause damage to the optic nerves and the prime cause behind this kind of damage is building up of fluid in the front region of the eyeball. Now this build-up happens because the fluid fails to drain out in the manner it should. Hence it is important to pay visit to an ophthalmologist if you face trouble due to such similar instances.

Why Is It Necessary To Get Glaucoma Checkups Done?

Glaucoma can end up causing irreversible blindness. Though there is no solution available to get rid of glaucoma as well as for blindness, there is definitely way out to prevent this eye condition from progressing. With non-invasive and simple tests at an ophthalmologist’s clinic, you as well as your doctor will be able to analyze whether you have glaucoma or not and whether the same has chances of ending up with blindness.

By avoiding the glaucoma tests or cancelling appointments with the ophthalmologists, you are doing nothing but boosting the risk of developing this disorder to such a point wherefrom you will suffer from total or partial blindness for the rest of your life span.

But are you aware of the early warning symptoms and signs of glaucoma? In this article you will be learning about some of them. Keep scrolling down to know more in details.

Early signs and symptoms of glaucoma

Besides paying time to time visits to an ophthalmologist, you can even avoid the growth and progress of glaucoma by keeping a strong watch its signs and symptoms. If you notice any of these below mentioned symptoms, hurry up and take action to prevent glaucoma from taking charge of your eyes.

  • Seeing halos encircling lights– This is a symptom quite obvious during the night-time while you are driving. If you frequently observe such a halo appear around the streetlights or headlights ahead, take an appointment with the doctor and get an eye check up done.
  • Loss of vision in both eyes or at least one eye– If there is a blind spot in the field of vision or you notice constant decrease in your vision intensity, it is a clear indication towards paying a visit to an ophthalmologist for glaucoma test. Reduced peripheral vision is another type of vision loss which is also common among people suffering from glaucoma.
  • Eye pressure or pain– This pain type in the eye can be either dull or sharp or can be hitched with feelings of pressure quite similar to the type of pain you encounter when undergoing sinus infection.
  • Eyes seeming cloudy or white spot in the eyes– You can easily acknowledge the same in the mirror.
  • Nausea– Something with or without vomiting is a common experience that people have when suffering from glaucoma.
  • Redness in the eyes- Your eyes frequently turning red is a common sign of glaucoma.


Careprost for Glaucoma :

Careprost – an eyelash growth serum is also used in treatment of glaucoma. Careprost is mainly contains Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which is used to treat hypotrichosis and glaucoma. You will get the Careprost online with free shipping in USA. But before that  you may consult your doctor.

Wrapping Up

Check for these symptoms for a time span of 10-15 days. If found, visit the doctor at the earliest without wasting any time.