Best exercises to strengthen and relax fatigued eye muscles

Overstraining your eyes is a common thing these days. The continuous use of smart LED screens at a single direction sprains the muscles in the eyes.

The prolonged issues can lead to vision problems, eye strain, dry eyes and even headache. The urban population even takes a break from work and starts looking at the LED screens of the mobiles.

Different types of eye exercises

The eye exercises have become a mandatory part of our lives. The fatigued muscles of the eyes can become a huge problem in the long run.

Despite the facts, the career choices and overuse of contact lenses are also menacing. Here is the list of few exercises that can aid you to relax the muscles and even strengthen your vision.

  • Eye roll

Sit, stand or lie down, you can perform this exercise anytime anywhere you want. Just relax your shoulders and keep your neck straight. Look forward and then look right. Start rolling your eyes while looking at the ceiling.

Continue rolling the eyes and look towards our left and then down. Do this exercise at a clockwise and anticlockwise version. Repeat this five times and two sets every day.

Rolling eyes is very effective to stretch the muscles in the eyes and make them relaxed. It will also enhance the shape of your eyes and keep all the muscles active at the same level.

  • Warm rub

This exercise can be done when you are wearing a pair of contact lenses. All you have to do is to rub both your palms and place it gently on your eyelids. Feel the warmth seeping in slowly and steadily inside your eyeballs.

The warmth will reduce the strain in your eyes. You can also perform this exercise after washing your eyes with normal water. Do not press your eyeballs. Remember to keep your palms rested on the eyelids without creating extra pressure.

Carry on for three minutes with rubbing your palms to warm them and placing them on your eyelids for three minutes.

  • Hocus Focus

This is a typical exercise suggested by the ophthalmologists. It is very simple. All you have to do is to sit on a chair. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed but in a straight position.

You will need a pencil or a pen to focus. Keep a pencil in front of your eyes right after your nose. Focus on the tip. Move your arms away from your head by stretching. Maintain your focus on the pencil. Bring the pencil back right towards your nose. Repeat this cycle for 2 minutes.

  • Eye press

Be comfortable first. Inhale deeply and close your eyes. Put a finger on both the eyelids and slightly press the eyeballs. Keep pressing lightly for 10 seconds. Lift your fingers to stop the pressure for a time period of 5 seconds and then continue pressing the eyelids. Continue doing this for a minute. You can repeat this cycle ten times to make eye relax and de-stress.

  • Eye massage

This gentle massaging your eyelids will definitely make you feel relaxed. Put your middle finger and index finger together on the eyelids. Tilt your head a little backward and press the eyelids slightly. Roll your right-hand fingers anticlockwise and the left-hand ones clockwise for ten times. Repeat this cycle for ten times. You can also relax for a few minutes after five reps.

  • Blinking

This might sound normal but we often forget to close our eyelids as we concentrate on working. Simply prolonged blinking will make your eyes relaxed and wet.

The controlled environment inside the premises is often dryer than the outside causing dryness and itching in the eyes. Just remember to hold your eyelids together while blinking for at least one second. Do this ten times whenever you feel tensed and relaxed.

  • Flexing

The flexing of the eye muscles will also tone them and make them stronger. Sit on a chair and do not move your neck. Look down and then look up. Look to the extreme right and then to your left. Do it ten times.


Your eyes are the best gifts you have in this life. Take good care of them so that you can enjoy the gift of vision unhampered and unhindered. Practice these exercises every day to strengthen and relax the eye muscles.

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