An In-Depth Discussion on Eye Sty, Its Treatment & Medication

A stye eye is a familiar contamination of hair follicle on the eyelash that has a close resemblance with a boil or pimple. Eye stye occurs when gland at the rim of eyelid gets blocked from debris, bacteria and excessive oil.

It gets bloated with immense pain. When stye eye happens, an individual experiences difficulty in vision as eyes cannot be opened properly.

The bacterium staphylococcus is responsible for this infection in eye. Right after stye in eye there is a probability of increase in eye power which requires you to wear spectacle.


The following are the symptoms which the individuals complain mostly:

  • Watery Eyes
  • Tenderness
  • Itching followed by excruciating pain
  • Redness around the stye
  • A red colour bump on the eyelid

When the stye starts appearing, you can feel tingling in your eye. This feeling can extend upto 2 days before it is, to be precise, the stye is noticeable.

When the sties become severe, a yellow color spot appears on the center. It is called internal hordeolum which increases when pus mounts up.

The pain goes away as soon as the stye breaks and the pus drain off. A stye takes a week to cure.


Causes of Sty Eye

Those who have blepharitis for prolonged period are prone to block glands on eyelids; here bacteria grows & infect the glands.

Eye makeup cannot be ruled out from causing stye in the eye. Using of old eye make-up or too much eye make-up creates stye.



The treatment of stye includes the following:

  • Warm compress- Do warm compress using soft clean cloth or using cotton over eyelids for 10 minutes four times a day.
  • Massage- Gentle massage does wonders in fast healing of stye.
  • Medication- For stye eye, you do not have to consult an opthalmologist. Wide range over-the-counter medicines are available in the market. eye drop & antibiotic creams can be used to get rid of the infection.

There are two important things that you must remember when you have stye eye.

  1. You should allow the stye to open on its own, no pushing or squeezing to open it.
  2. You must not wear make-up on your eye or lense till the condition heals completely.

If the stye doesn’t get cured within a week, it is best to seek consultation with an opthalmologist.

How To Prevent Stye Eye?

There are certain things which you can do to prevent developing stye. Take a look at the following preventive measures:

  • Eyes should not be rubbed. When you rub the eyes, an irritation happens as well as the bacteria enter. Before you put your hand into the eyes, make sure to wash it first.
  • Replace old eye-make up, especially mascara. Change after every 6 months.
  • When you spot an inflammation or infection on the eyelids, must not neglect and should seek medical assistance at once.

When you take up the above stated measures, you will not experience stye on the eye.

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