7 Best Ways for Your Eye Makeup

Eyes are one of the most important organs that god has given to living beings. You are blessed with visionary ability to enjoy the creation of god. But besides serving this purpose, eyes do play an important role in uplifting one’s appearance.

Irrespective of your eye ball colour, eye shape and size; you can grab the attention of the onlookers with the use of the right eye make-ups. But how? Eye makeup can make your eyes appear larger and brighter.

However, while this is something you can attain with any kind of eye makeup products, it is important to make sure that you get hold of quality eye makeup and go ahead with their application in the right manner.

Because untrained method of eye makeup application will spoil your appearance rather than boosting the same. And if you are in search of some best ways for your eye makeup, you have landed up with the right page. Go ahead discovering more in details.

Follow These 7 Best Ways for Your Eye Makeup

Fill in the eyebrows properly– Every makeup artist state that well defined eyebrows frame the face properly thereby helping to grab the attention of the onlookers. Fill in the eye brows using an eye shadow perfectly matching the colour of your eyebrows.

For instance, using short feathery strokes while brushing up the eyebrow and over towards the eyebrow tip. Get to learn in detail about the natural arch of eyebrows.

Talking of women having strong brows, it is recommended to make use of clear brow gel as the same helps in setting down the brows properly after they are effectively filled up.

Go ahead with eye shadow primer– The next very step is to apply eye shadow primer. You want the eye shadows to sit on the eye lids properly.

For ensuring the same, you need to make use of an eye shadow base or primer that smoother the eyelids to the extent possible. Committing makeup mistakes will make up appear older while not making any such mistake will fulfil your desire to look younger.

It’s time to create depth– To make the eyes look bold and big, creating depth is the solution you have in hand. First, take a leap with the application of light colour eye shadow throughout the eyelid.

Once done, take a dark colour shadow and properly apply the same over the crease of the eyes just above the lid. This is believed to create dimension. But do not forget to properly blend the lid colour with crease colour as doing so will provide a seamless appearance.

Selection of proper eye shadow colours– One of the most essential steps of eye makeup is selecting eye shadow colour that can perfectly compliment the colour of your costume, its type as well as your makeup type. The need is to get hold of a shadow colour that is exact opposite to the colour of your eyes as per the colour wheel.

For instance, if you have blue eyes, go for copper or bronze eye shadow whereas for brown, hazel and green eyes, it is recommended to go for taupe and purple eye shadow colour. Also, warmer eye shadow colour is required for women with dark complexion. It is highly important to pay utmost attention to the skin tone when you are selecting eye shadow colours.

Apply eyeliner– Without the application of eyeliner, the eyes tend to appear small and dull. You can use either a liquid liner or pencil or even gel one for accomplishing this purpose. For light colour eye ball, brown eyeliner makes the best match whereas black eyeliner is best suited for black or brown eyes.

Highlighting the eyes- It is very important to highlight only the necessary regions of your eyes. You can make use of a sparky and light eye shadow just under the eyebrows and the tear duct to highlight the eyes.

Use of Eyelash Growth Serum – For darker, stronger and thicker eyelashes, you can use eyelash growth serum. Careprost is well-known eyelash growth serum. You can buy Careprost online USA which is easily available on some of the websites with free shipping.

Do not play foul with the mascara– Eye makeup is just incomplete without the use of mascara. It adds a finishing touch to the entire eye makeup and is very important for enhancing the appearance of your eyes.

Wrapping Up

Following all these above mentioned 7 eye makeup tips if followed properly will give you an eye as you desire having.